World’s first HGH doping ban handed down in UK

A 2-year ban to UK  Rugby League player Terry Newton  is the world’s first positive test and ban for HGH.

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The UK Anti-Doping ban this weekend shows that the science of detection is now finally catching up with those that are using HGH as a performance enhancer:

“There has been a feeling that you can take growth hormone with impunity but this shows this is no longer the case,” said UKAD chief executive Andy Parkinson.

“We have heard from others that growth hormone is being abused by athletes but until now investigations have been of the non-analytical type.”

Newton’s two-year ban, confirmed by UKAD on Monday, will be from all codes of rugby – and is dated from the day he failed the drugs test in November.

According to the BBC’s website Newton’s club team Wakefield Trinity Wildcats have already cancelled the player’s contract.

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