Wilbour Kelsick: On The Olympic Green Park


It’s  5:30 am and I am awake.  I guess I had enough sleep. My mind is partaking in a few Olympic events – wondering, analysing, comparing previous Olympic venues with Beijing. So the mind is getting overloaded with ideas hence I must unleash some of this information to you.  So here is my take on things.

China does not need a world trade exposition. Beijing 2008 is China’s Exposition. There is so much to see, smell, feast on, listen and just do here that boredom is out of the question.  A few days ago I went for a walk in the Olympic green forest. This park is located in the vicinity of the Olympic village where over 1 million trees were planted. In one section, there is a rubberized loop trail which meanders and takes you to some sections where there are Dragon heads carved of tall stone, and in another section of the park there is an ancient bell tower with a huge bell that has a base of 8 feet in diameter and is about 15 feet tall. The bell was covered with text written in Chinese. And that’s not all during my walk. I was serenaded by sounds crickets in the trees. There must be thousands of them and their harmonies vary in intensity and frequency. The crickets are not just in the forest but are also in the village among the trees and as you walk through the village they belt out their operatic melodies.  So for me, it was another Zen moment.

As I walk, I think to myself that this is an awesome way to de-stress during the games and find some peace and tranquility. This is one effective way to take care of my wellness needs. I need to be well myself to take care of the athletes.

But back to the Olympic Green Park – China’s Expo.  One morning on my way to the Energy Nest (the Birds Nest/ National Stadium) I was struck by an impressive site. As I looked out of my bus window I saw hundreds and it maybe even thousand of kids walking in columns enter the National Stadium.  I figure the Beijing Olympic Organising committee must have brought these children to see the games. This, I thought to myself, was an excellent way to build national pride and interest sport or just physical activity. This will allow some of them to have an Olympic dream one day.

I also reflected on the vastness of the Olympic Green Park and the huge number of free and paid activities for people to attend or participate in. There are free concerts every day and night, shopping, museums and lots of Olympic stuff.  Of course China named this as the Green Olympics and they have really worked hard to make it that way and I think they did achieve some success.

Although Beijing does not have the water front topography like Sydney and Vancouver, it did not fall short of making the Olympic city as attractive as it could be. In the mist of the Olympic Park and beyond the architechial landscape is incredible. There are so many huge building and structures of varied shapes and sizes it makes you feel that you are looking at many different cities all over the world put together in this one land mass.  And the most impressive is the lighting and humongous TV screens on some the buildings which turn the night sky into this mosaic of colours like a live fireworks show. Of course China is the country where Fireworks Art gained its popularity and origin. The light show at night is magnificent.  And most of all it’s the people in the park. They are so excited and proud to be here enjoying this historic moment with the world.  There is a subway in the park which gives quick access to the city centre.  I can go on and on to describe the park but you have to see for yourself. It’s just magnificent and a place with incredible energy and life.

China has presented itself to the world in an elegant fashion and with pride. I would say this is one of the best Olympics I have attended.  It flowed with an energy form with the dragon belly that kept the Olympic flame burning in many of us for the past 16 days and will for many years to come.

I have yet to see the effect of the pollution the western media was so worried about; nothing I would not expect from a city as vast as this place; and Pollution was not a factor at any competitive venues as far as I know.  I did not even have my regular sinus reaction I get in polluted cities. So whatever they did worked. I may have to head to LA for a good dose of that promised pollution.

Thanks to Beijing China for making my Olympic experience an exciting, Zen and memorable one.

Beijing 2008 is China’s expo to the world… One world one dream. I hope we can all live by this mantra.

At least that’s the way I see it.

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