Wilbour Kelsick: On The Lighting Bolt


For those of us who have experienced thunder storms, or I should say Caribbean thunder storms, you know that Lighting never comes in one bolt. Don’t fool yourself; there will be many more “Lighting Bolts” coming out of Jamaica. Jamaica’s strong showing in the sprints at these Olympics should not be a huge surprise. Jamaica has consistently produced some of the best sprinters in the world.  Sprinting and middle distance running is to Jamaica like long distance is to the African countries (Kenya, Ethiopia etc.). In addition, a number of the great sprinters from Canada are of Jamaican or Caribbean decent (  Ben Johnson Donavan Bailey, Bruney, Surin, Glenroy Gilbert, Robert Esmie and the list goes on). Hey, I do not have all the answers – consult with an anthropologist!

From what I know about Bolt is that at 17 he won the world juniors and was recognised as a talented sprinter then. He received an Olympic solidarity scholarship which allowed him to continue his career in sprinting. Bolt is an incredible, talented athlete and his sprinting career has exploded.

Lighting Bolt has all the necessary ingredients it takes to be the fastest man on earth. He body type provides him with all the right levers, muscle and ligaments elasticity, strength, fast reacting neurological system, a competitive attitude, self-confidence and the showmanship of the sprinting.

I happened to be on the bus heading to the village from the Stadium after the medal ceremony for the 4×100 relay. The three other Jamaican sprinters were present with Bolt. I know these guys and I can tell you that they are very humble athletes.

In speaking with the Jamaican coaches they tell me that there are more lighting speed stars in Jamaica and they will be coming out running so to speak in the future. The Jamaican team now seem to know how to close the deal.

The speed Dragon has awakened. Cool runnings my friends; keep them coming fast man!!

At least…thats the way I see it.



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