Wilbour Kelsick : From Singapore

Hello to all;

I am Wilbour Kelsick a Doctor of Sports Chiropractic. This is my 5th Olympic games and presently I am in Singapore helping to prepare the track and field team for Beijing 2008. It’s an honour to serve the Canadian team. I work with a tremendous group of people (medical and administrative staff of Athletics Canada and Canadian Olympic committee) and we attend to some incredible athletes. So here we are at the training camp or game preparation camp in Singapore and the intensity and excitement is building….yeah!! This is the first of my blog series..so let the games begin….!!

The Training camp environment is like the Vancouver City or Translink works yard. A City works yard has many different jobs which are managed by many different specialist (Mechanics , electrical and civil engineers, building inspectors etc.). Likewise the training camp environment is a place where there are many task to be completed and each task has its specialist assigned to it.

The Training camp environment is a multi-task working community. Many different tasks are carried out at training camps and this is the environment where: we analyse biomechanics and sport techniques using life video analysis or just naked eye most of the times; we do test events of new skills or techniques; we simulate the competition environment so athletes can train at competition intensity.

A typical day could last from 7:00am to 11:30pm. Here is a summary of my last few days. Awake at 6:00am. 7:00am –self care. I go for exercise and fitness routine, (walk, and gym work out); 8:45am is time for Breakfast. 9:30am- catch the bus to the training track for the morning training session. Here we analyse, test and treat athletes as needed. 12:30pm – leave track and head back to hotel for Lunch. 1:15-2:00pm Lunch. 2:15-4:00pm –work in the clinic at hotel seeing athletes as needed. Also get ready for afternoon session at training track. 4:30Pm- Bus leaves for training track. The afternoon session is from 5:15-7:00-7:30pm. Dinner break is from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. I will see athletes in the clinic from 9:30pm-11:00pm.

Well opening day is here. And the track and field team and staff will not be in Beijing for that cool party. We will have to celebrate in Singapore somehow. Friday we will only have one training session in the morning. In the evening we (athletes and staff) will be guest to the Canadian high commissioner house for a dinner party.

Hey tomorrow I will update on the party and how we made out.

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