Wilbour Kelsick: Final Thoughts on Beijing




In the last few weeks you have been reading my thoughts about the Beijing Games. Well what more is there to say? In summary, I can say these were the best games I have ever been to, and I have worked at five Olympic games. The village life was awesome, the food was good, the venues were world class and ran efficiently, the transportation was efficient and mostly on time, the air quality was not an issue as was predicted; and the host was beyond words. The closing and opening ceremonies showcased China as a nation with pride. Like many other nations, however, it has its issues. So the Dragon did come alive and China showed the world that they have the pride and ability to host a first class event. I am so happy I was able to experience the Olympics in China. And now, the packing and the “pulling out” as we say to head back home. Boxes on boxes, we got some people help us. It’s always sad to leave the host city but I have awesome memories. These were my best games and that’s not just my opinion but majority of the Olympic family keep saying that. The IOC president gave China thumbs up and they deserve it. One World, One Dream. 2010 is on the way..and Vancouver will come alive too!

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