Whitecaps reap the benefit of nutrition strategies

In order for teams to perform optimally, it is important to focus on optimal and consistent pre and post game nutrition.

In the United Kingdom, most professional football (soccer) teams have a  Team Dietitian that is able to monitor fuel intake and logistics both at home and on the road.

Unfortunately, in Canada this is not yet the standard. SportMedBC Dietitian Dana Lis is working closely with the Whitecaps Medical Support Team and coaches to provide this knowledge, and work to get systems in place so that the players are training, playing and recovering optimally.

It is important for players with high training volume to take in adequate fuel, including high carbohydrates, moderate protein and fluids. To help ensure the players are adequately fuelled pre and post game, a Nutrition Table strategy has been implemented.

Located in the dressing room, this Nutrition Table is loaded with food such as recovery bars, bagels, peanut butter, jam, oranges, bananas, granola bars, Gatorade, chocolate milk and water.

The players are encouraged to eat and drink before and after the training session and game, according to their personalized nutrition plan.

For more information on pre and post game nutrition, check out the following article on Maximizing the Recovery of Fuel, Fluids and Damaged Muscle Tissue.

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