What to Wear?

Another week in the Province Sports Academy means another tip from SportMed Soccer.

The right footwear is integral. What should you wear on grass? Turf? We got you covered!

The beautiful game is played on several different types of surfaces and involves a great deal of turning, acceleration and deceleration.

Considering the twists, turns and speed, it’s important to wear the appropriate footwear for the surface that you are on. Failure to do so can lead to injuries and/or poor performance.

There are four main types of boots: moulded, detachable/ screw-in, turf and indoor. While there’s a significant amount of overlap in what you can use each type of boot for, it’s best to use the most appropriate footwear for the conditions.

Moulded cleats are great for play on turf or grass and come in a variety of configurations. Boots with detachable studs or screw-ins are great for grass and are adjustable for different conditions if desired. However, they may not be allowed on some turf fields.

Meanwhile, turf shoes have a large number of small nubs on the bottom rather than large studs. They are ideally used on synthetic turf. Lastly, indoor shoes are good for play in a gym-type, hardwood surface. If you’re playing on indoor turf, your moulded cleats or turf shoes will be just fine!

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