Time to Walk This Way to the Vancouver Sun Run!

Monday, November 15, 2010 features the launch of SportMedBC’s Walk This Way program. In partnership with the Vancouver Sun, the eight-week plan is a terrific way to get active and is a solid warm-up to get you ready for 10K training and the upcoming Vancouver Sun Run.

Walk This Way will run in the Health section of The Sun every Monday. It’ll offer a schedule for the week, with coaching tips and advice from Kanuka.

SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach Lynn Kanuka tells the Sun, “Although we have 55,000-plus people in the Sun Run every year, there are still so many people in this world who are not active at all… We want to get people moving.” 

“If we start now with eight weeks of a nice, comfort progressive walking program, then come January when you are comfortably walking 30 minutes a few times a week, you will be able, mentally and physically, to try the Sun Run InTraining thing.”

“We are trying to encourage people who may have not even thought they could train for the Sun Run,” says Jamie Pitblado, vice-president of promotions and community investment. “We want to get them on that road.”

Week one asks participants to walk for 10 minutes. Rest on Tuesday, walk 15 minutes on Wednesday, rest on Thursday, walk 15 minutes on Friday and rest on the weekend.

More from the Vancouver Sun.

Sun Run InTraining Clinics are also just around the corner! They’re the perfect way to getting you on track for race day – Sunday, April 17th 2010. For a complete list of groups available across Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan, check out the link.

Be sure to check out the SportMed RunWalk community and join the conversation at facebook.com/sportmedrunwalk.

– with files from the Vancouver Sun

Photo: Vancouver Sun

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