Timberly George on Avoiding A Race Day Injury

For the last 8 years, I’ve volunteered as one of the medical staff for the Sun Run.  Hopefully you won’t need us out there, but we’ll be there….on bikes, in tents along route, and at the finish line.  Hopefully you won’t need us!  This year, as I’ve been for the past 3, I’ll be at the first medical tent you’ll come across, in English Bay near the flagpoles. Be sure to smile and wave as you pass by on your way to the Burrard Bridge.

The common occurances I see in this early stage of the race are due mostly to the crowds of people…the chances of tripping over other people or curbs is high when in a group of 50, 000+ people!  Ankle sprains and abrasions are the most common injuries early on in the race.  So be sure to watch your step, don’t push and shove to get ahead, and don’t try to get fancy jumping over curbs or other obstacles along the way. If you need to walk, or slow down, move to the right and let faster movers pass on the left.  If you want to pass someone, pass on the left, and let them know you’re passing.  If you need to stop to tie your shoe, slow down slowly…and move carefully off to the side of the road.

Blisters are also pretty common at this  mark.  Be sure not to wear a brand new pair of runners that you’ve never run in before on race day!  Read back on the blog for tips on preventing blisters. 

If at any point you feel unwell during the race, slow down, keep your eyes open for the bike patrolling first aiders, and they can help you out or guide you to the next nearest medical tent. 

Here’s hoping the medical staff have nothing to do but cheer you on to the finish line!  Have fun out there. 


Timberly George BScPT BScKin

Diploma Sport Physiotherapist

City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic

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