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I hurt my back on Sunday, everything was fine after my run but then I went and did some garden work in the afternoon and after a couple of hours I couldn’t straighten up anymore. It’s been almost a week and the aching pain in my lower back and legs is still there. What are your suggestions on continuing with the running program?

Kevin Sanderson


Hi Kevin,

If you haven’t had your back assessed yet by a physiotherapist or other health care practitioner (chiro, doc etc), then I highly suggest you do so.  Especially if you have pain in your back AND your legs.  I suggest that you do NOT continue running until you have cleared up the back and leg pain and are as mobile as you were before you did the gardening. Although impossible to diagnose over the brief description of your symptoms,  the risk of you having injured a vertebral disc is a possibility, and you do not want to make this worse.

A pool may be a good place for you in the meantime to help relieve some of the pressure in your back.  Water running may be the option for you right now so as to not cause any more impact and loading on your spine.


Timberly George BScPT BScKin

Registered Sport Physiotherapist

City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic

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