Timberly George Answers a question on Groin Pulls

I am trying to ask an expert about this. I suffered a groin pull 2xx weeks ago while using a new hip adductor/abductor machine at my gym. I have been doing the r.i.c.e. treatment + easing off running + anti-inflammatories but no improvement yet. I continue with deep water running that I have been involved in for the past 2xx years. My question is with only 3 short weeks until the Sun Run, is there anything else I can do? This was going to be my year for the Run as I  have not been able to do it for 5  long years due to recurrent breast cancer! Can you help me?


Hi Lee,

It seems we’re hitting the weeks of desparation.  This is always the most difficult time in the program for people dealing with injuries.  The desire to continue training, complete the race, and achieve goals is so overwhelming that it can often lead to poor decisions.

My first question to you is this:  Have you sought any professional assessment and guidance for your “groin pull” yet?  It sounds like you’ve been doing the right things, but with no relief after two weeks, it’s time to seek the experts. Has there been truly no improvement, or just not enough improvement?

Secondly:  Do you have pain when walking or just when running?  Is the pain constant when you attempt to run or does it come on gradually and get worse? Or just sore after? Is it irritable when you deep water run (during or after?) The answers to all those questions will allow us to guide you further.

If what you are experiencing is truly a groin pull, then rest from aggravating activities is what it needs (i.e. do what doesn’t hurt, but avoid what does).  Soft tissue injuries take time to heal.  2 weeks is barely the minimum time.  Patience is difficult when the race is so close.  Keep doing what you are doing, consider seeking professional help, and if it’s not sore at all to walk, then at least consider walking the Sun Run and still crossing the finish line!


Best of luck.


Timberly George BScPT BScKin


Registered Sport Physiotherapist


City Sports & Physiotherapy Clinic

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