Tilman von der Linde on Finish Line Foods

Pancakes, bagels, oranges, yogurt, juice and bananas!

 At one time the finish line Horn of Plenty was meant to be more of a marketing perk for many 10K run organizers who were all competing for the same small share of the fund raising market. Who knew then that this stuff would actually offer more than advertising!

Anyone up for a High Carb, Medium Protein, Low Fat Snack after running through the Sun Run finish line? You would be suprised how many people take a pass at this golden window of opportunity and head straight to the nearest Starbucks.

Here’s the Tip

You have a 30 to 60 minute window of opportunity to restock your muscles with the building blocks of life before your muscles cool down after a race or workout.

How it Works

While your metabolic rate is still elevated it creates an easy way to transport nutrients to the muscle cells for repair and regeneration and will save you a lot of misery over the next few days. Miss the window and your muscles will start to congest and eventually gridlock with muscle soreness.

If you missed the window, fear not! There’s hope!

To re-establish the window of opportunity go see the video segment on “Sore Muscles – What to do” found under the WORK IT OUT video header @ www.sunrun.com

Tilman von der Linde RMT.

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