Tilman von der Linde on Early Warning Signs of an Injury

The 5 early warning signs of an injury are:

1. Point tenderness or pain in the muscles, joints and or bone.

2. Swelling causing pain and stiffenss.

3. Reduced range of movement. 

4. Weakness.

5. Tingling or numbness.


Recognizing the early warning signs is the first step in preventing further injury or damage. Once you determine what is wrong, start addressing the problem immediately.


Look for the obvious cause


1. Poor fitting equipment.

2. Over exertion.

3. A missed step,  stumble or fall

4. External force trauma


Treat it – Stop the activity or adjust to it and address the problem with the right approach.


1. First aid kit.

2. Rest, Ice, Heat, Stretching.

3. Check out the helpful tips in the video segments at www.SUNRUN.com

4. Therapist, Doctor, Equipment Specialist


Tilman von der Linde, RMT.

Muscles in Motion – Vancouver

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