Tilman von der Linde Blogs on the Sauna Cleanse Recovery

Adding training program variations and targeted recovery measures into your Sun Run Training Program will create a good balance of health and fitness. During the cold winter months, Sauna and Steam Baths offer a great opportunity to cleanse your body and train your circulatory system. The warmth will relax the muscles, reduce tension and stimulate both the circulation and metabolic rate.

To train your circulatory system, follow the heat treatment with a cold shower sequence that won’t strain your heart and then towel off before heading back into the Sauna or Steam  Room for a second sweat. If you fail to towel off, the moisture on your skin will create a vapor barrier between your skin and the heat, reducing the effectiveness of the heat treatment.

The cold shower sequence: Start showering your legs, one at a time, first the right and then your left leg. Follow with your arms, first the right and then your left. Now it is time for the torso. First the right side and then your left, followed with the back, then the front and finishing with your head.

After the second sweat, conclude your cold shower sequence with a rest period. Find a seat, put your legs up and relax for a few minutes. After finishing, don’t forget to feed yourself and take advantage of the 30 to 60 minute window of opportunity to restock your body with a proper diet of nutrients and fluids for muscle recovery and regeneration before your body cools down.


Tilman von der Linde, RMT.

Muscles in Motion – Vancouver

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