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After straining a transverse arch in 2000, the people at Paris Orthotics suggested that I try a 3/4 foamy arch off the rack for $20 instead of getting fitted for a custom pair. I experienced instant relief and wore them for a couple of hours a day as suggested and after a few months removed them from my shoes.

In my years of practice, many have approached me with orthotic related questions and problems, Blistering and sensitivity from poor fitting or broken orthotics being the worst. Some people had even converted them into doorstops or tossed them out. 

Often the problem is not the orthotic but the shoe. People who transfer their orthotics from one pair of shoes to the next sometimes forget about the insole in the shoe. If the insole is designed to support your arch, try running in your shoes without your orthotics and see how that feels, if it works, great. If you are set on running on your orthotics then remove the insole in the shoe and use your orthotics instead. If running on your orthotics is too hard for your feet then place a thin rubber insole like an “odor eater” over top.

Orthotics are meant to correct, posture, arches, leg length, mechanical low back and sacroiliac issues. In many cases these factors are correctable without the aid of orthotics. Sometimes it is an easy fix and other times it may take a couple of weeks of a targeted exercise routine for the body to adapt.


Tilman von der Linde, RMT.

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