Tilman von der Linde Blogs on a 4-week “Speed” Program

Some people like to go fast. Olympic & World Gold Medalist, COC and Canadian Hall of Famer, Robert Esmie, better known as “Mr. Blast Off” offers this advice for those who are looking to modify their Sun Run training program in the quest for speed.

If I was prepping for the Sun Run and I was in good shape one month out, I would look at the blueprint of my training program and see what was working for me and what was not. With a few weeks of hard work remaining before tapering off for the race there are a couple of things that could enhance your outcome. Body dynamics such as breathing, foot placement and arm action should be looked at as well as your muscular strength.

Here is a 4 week speed program that Robert suggested for people in training for the Sun Run. Robert Esmie can be reached at his training facility in Surrey at www.airblastoff.com

4 Week Speed Program

Monday (Road Work) fast paced run 40 min to 1hr. (Recovery-Rehab.) Massage, Hot and Cold shower.

Tuesday (Weightroom/Pool) Circuit training 45min-1hr. Finish with 20 min. pool running. (Recovery-Rehab.) Hot and Cold Shower.

Wednesday (Home and Road Work) Rest or Slow 1hr. run / Stretch (Recovery-Rehab.) Hot and Cold Shower.

Thursday (Road and Track Work) Speed endurance intervals / Tempo and distance combo’s (Recovery-Rehab.) Massage, Hot and Cold Shower.

Friday (Track, Grass, Downhill Work) Over-speed training (Recovery-Rehab.) Hot and Cold Shower.

Saturday (Sand Work) Slow run 1-1.5 hrs. (Recovery-Rehab.) Hot and Cold Shower.

Sunday (Home Work) Rest – Hot Bath / Stretch (Recovery-Rehab.) Hot and Cold Shower.


Tilman von der Linde, RMT.

Muscles in Motion – Vancouver

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