The Province Sports Academy Kicks Off

The Province newspaper, in association with SportMedBC, BC Soccer and Williams Health Group, has kicked off the Province Sports Academy.

Every Wednesday, you’ll find helpful tips on coaching, drills, strength and conditioning, along with news on health, injury and rehabilitation.

To lead things off, SportMedBC has some good advice when it comes to keeping your energy level up:

Soccer players typically run 4 – 11 KM’s a match. To avoid depleting your energy stores (glycogen), it is essential to fuel your body with high quality carbohydrates.

Studies have shown that soccer players often consume far fewer carbs than recommended. Athletes require a minimum of 60-70 per cent of their daily energy intake to be comprised of quality carbohydrates, which are the main source of energy for muscles.

Whole grain pasta and cereals, fresh fruit and starchy vegetables are excellent sources because they release energy slowly, are low in fat and are packed with nutrients and fibre.

If glycogen stores are low at the beginning of a game, you will likely run out of fuel and your performance will decrease substantially (40-50%). Not only will you be fatigued, but your concentration will diminish and post-match, your recovery will take much longer.

For more details and specific recommendations, check out SportMedBC’s SportMed Soccer online network, Carbohydrate Power.”

Find SportMed Soccer on Facebook.


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