The dentists are in at the Vancouver Winter Games

New I.O.C. mandate sees athletes making a trip to the dentist during the Olympics.

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In an article in the Vancouver Sun, Pamela Fayerman delves into the I.O.C.’s new dental policy which has over 70 dentists doing everything from hygiene check-ups to screening for oral cancers to trying to encourage the wear of protective mouth guards:

“After physiotherapy or general medicine, we expect to be the busiest because of the demand and the 20-per-cent mandate from the IOC,” said Dr. Chris Zed, associate dean of dentistry at the University of B.C., who is head of dental services for the 2010 Games, along with Dr. Mark Parhar.

Based on previous Winter Games, dentists can expect about 100 trauma cases involving possible damage to teeth, lips, cheeks and tongues and broken bones. Of those, up to 20 cases might require surgery under general anesthetic after being transferred to Vancouver General Hospital.

Read the full article here.

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