Sun Run Tips from the Experts

Jenny Lee of the Vancouver Sun connected with various professionals who have all the information you need in order to have a successful 2010 Vancouver Sun Run!

SportMedBC RunWalk Coach Lynn Kanuka and SportMedBC Dietitian Patricia Chuey are among the group who has some key tips for race day.

Lynn Kanuka:

“Drink water at all the stations and don’t be afraid to take a moment to do a wee stretch or walk.

You will be energized and run faster for it. Pump those arms when you feel tired. It’s your arms that will set the pace and your legs will follow. Wear a hat. It’s your protection if it’s sunny and it’s your umbrella if it rains.

Be careful not to start too fast: that first mile down Georgia is a beautiful gentle downhill, and most people go too fast for themselves and pay for it later… Just enjoy it but hold back on your pace to save energy and feel better when it counts.”

Patricia Chuey:

“Maximize recovery. You will have just put your body through the paces. Even if you’ll be celebrating with beer and pizza, plan to recover first with water and a healthy snack or two containing both carbohydrate and protein energy.”

Read the full article here.

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