Sun Run InTraining Clinic Coordinators Wanted!

Clinic Coordinators Wanted!

Areas: Fraser Valley, North Shore, Richmond, Surrey

Position: Contract position

Contact Name: Ashley Reece

Contact Email:

Compensation: Honorarium, Leader apparel and complimentary Vancouver Sun Run entry

Dates: October 2014 to April 26, 2015

SportMedBC, in partnership with the Vancouver Sun, is in its 20th year of coordinating 13-week Sun Run InTraining clinics for runners and walkers at more than 60 community, recreation and fitness centres throughout Greater Vancouver and the BC interior. SportMedBC’s goal is to provide motivation through a graduated program in which participants will safely and comfortably take part in the 2015 Vancouver Sun Run on April 19, 2015. InTraining for Sun Run 2015 begins Saturday, January 17, 2015. 

The Contractor will supervise the implementation of the InTraining Program for the Vancouver Sun Run; lead the weekly education session, provide leadership to the volunteer leaders and liaise on a regular basis with the host centre’s programmer and SportMedBC. The position requires the Contractor to be present at all designated clinic sessions and have regular email access in order to ensure efficient communication with both participants and SportMedBC. As the program’s frontline person, the Contractor will ensure the delivery, overall “quality control” and consistency of the InTraining Program.

If you are an experienced runner or walker, have a passion for physical fitness and have great motivational and organizational skills, you are an ideal candidate for an InTraining Clinic Coordinator!

To apply, please send your resume to Ashley Reece – – by October 6th.

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