SportMedBC’s 2020 Annual General Meeting Recap

SportMedBC members, board of directors, and staff gathered virtually this past Tuesday October 27th for SportMedBC’s 2020 Annual General Meeting. 
While an in-person event was not possible this year, we were excited to welcome members from outside of the Lower Mainland to our marquee annual event. 
SportMedBC would like to extend a big thank you to SportMedBC co-founder, Dr. Jack Taunton, for his insightful presentation on “Return to Exercise After COVID-19.” 
While much of the conversation within sport has rightly been on preventing the spread of the disease and how sport can return safely, how we manage athletes (at all levels) after a positive diagnosis in their return to activity and the potential long term health implications of the disease is of particular concern to sport medicine community. 
We appreciate Dr. Taunton sharing his knowledge and research on this subject and his generosity in allowing us to share a recording of his presentation on our YouTube page.

Board of Director Elections
Five director terms expired at the October 27th AGM with four directors being reelected. SportMedBC would like to congratulate sport physiotherapist Sarah Smith for being elected as the newest member of our Board of Directors. Sarah has been very active in the sport medicine community for some time and we look forward to working with her in the coming months. We would also like to thank all candidates who put their names forward for the Board of Directors election. 
As we turn the page on 2019-2020, we would like to extend our gratitude to everyone associated with our organization — the Board of Directors, the management team and staff, the BC sports community, our countless volunteers, and the outstanding community of medical and paramedical practitioners who make up our network. 
We look forward to welcoming you back (hopefully in-person) next fall for our 2021 Annual General Meeting.

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