SportMedBC with Team BC at the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games

As the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games have opened in Kamloops, SportMedBC is following the events and stories of Team BC.

SportMedBC’s Manager of Performance Dr. D’arcey Musselman is along for the ride. D’arcey is the Medical Manager for Team BC. She will be keeping us up-to-date throughout the games, which run from Friday, August 5th to Sunday, August 14th.

Here are some of her thoughts through the first two days of competition:

“With two days of competition in the books, along with a successful 30+ medal haul for Team BC, it’s hard to believe that we have only been in Kamloops for a couple of days.

The Mission staff and all of the volunteers have been extremely busy working hard behind the scenes to make the games run smoothly and to offer a truly incredible experience for all of the athletes involved.

My time as Medical Manager for Team BC at Western Canada Summer Games has been primarily focused on the medical needs and performance related issues for Team BC athletes. I am often found hanging around the fantastic Polyclinic that they have set up here for the athletes, coaches, team managers and volunteers for treatment of injuries and illness. It is staffed with sports medicine physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, athletic and massage therapists. The quality of care has been outstanding and has certainly contributed to the success of our Team BC athletes. Fortunately, we have not had any major injuries so far, however, routine athletic taping and kinesiotaping, pre and post competition soft tissue work, acute injury care and access to cold baths have helped to keep our athletes healthy and strong!

An example of some of the fine performances includes the Team BC beach volleyball men’s and women’s teams’ after their dominant efforts against Manitoba. In the picture above, the group is recovering by soaking in the cold river water.

It’s been a great start to the competition for the team. We’re all looking forward to keeping things going right until the very end.

I’ll be bringing you more updates later in the week!”

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