SportMedBC Teams Up with Football BC to Offer Medical Seminars

SportMedBC has teamed up with Football BC to offer a series of sports medicine seminars to the football community across the province.

Two-day sessions featuring “Emergency First Aid and CPR course” along with the “Sports First Aid course” will be offered for free to all Football BC members.

Both workshops will cover emergency preparedness, injury prevention and treatment. The “Sports First Aid course” in particular is football-specific, and it includes plenty of concussion-related information.

As Football BC works to educate parents, officials and players, SportMedBC’s President and CEO Lynda Cannell commends the provincial organization for taking a leadership role in making the provincial sport system a safer environment in which to participate.

“Our partnership with Football BC is another important step in our mandate to promote Sport Health on the strength of the Best People, Best Practices and Best Programs in Sport Medicine, Sport Science and Sport Training. Football BC is an excellent example of how a provincial sport organization can bring expertise to their membership about injuries and safety.”

In addition to the summer seminar series, Football BC recently announced a new policy and guidelines regarding concussion education.

On June 1st, 2010, a new concussion policy was put in place to ensure participant requirements were being fulfilled.

The policy requires all coaches to participate in a yearly program prior to the season which covers signed consent forms, the removal of players who are suspected to have suffered a head injury, along with a medical doctor’s written clearance for a player to return.

The goal is to inform and educate coaches, parents and athletes of the risks of concussions and head injuries.

The month of August features seminars all across the province. On the weekend of August 7-8, Douglas College in New Westminster hosts the two-day session. Other stops include Nanaimo, Prince George, Langley and Vernon.

For more information and to register, check out the Football BC website.

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