SportMedBC Partners with HeadCheck Health to Provide Evidence-Based Concussion Testing

VANCOUVER, BC (January 19, 2017) – Headcheck Health Inc. (HeadCheck), a Canadian company that has created a reliable and objective sideline concussion testing and management app for sports teams, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia (SportMedBC). HeadCheck and SportMedBC are aligned in their missions to provide best practices for concussion care and management. The purpose of this partnership is to provide all levels of British Columbian sporting organizations and medical professionals access to an innovative, evidence-based concussion tool, and resources.

At any level of sport, medical professionals such as athletic trainers and doctors need reliable tools to make appropriate medical decisions on the sideline. The HeadCheck app is backed by evidence-based science and uses gold-standard tests that assess concussion indicators such as symptoms, balance and cognitive function. It is the most comprehensive, and easiest to use concussion assessment tool available. SportMedBC's mission is to support health through sport and exercise, with the best people, best practices and best programs in sport medicine and exercise science for British Columbians. Through this partnership, SportMedBC will be equipped with access to the HeadCheck app for concussion baseline & post-injury testing at SportMedBC-managed sporting events, and at concussion workshops. The two organizations will act as advocates for concussion research and assessment, and share knowledge, network resources, and marketing opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

"We are excited to be working with SportMedBC and engaging more with local BC athletes, teams, and organizations to help provide better concussion care for all athletes, regardless of the level of sport," said Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck Health. "SportMedBC is aligned with our desire to bring the same level of concussion care to the community level that the professional athletes receive. Both of our organizations are focused on preventing concussed athletes from returning to play, and thus our mutual goal is to directly improve the lives of those athletes we're able to connect with."

"HeadCheck is a best-in-class tool for sideline concussion testing and management, and SportMedBC is a leader and supporter of evidenced-based concussion solutions and education," said Robert Joncas, Executive Director of SportMedBC. "This partnership will help to improve the health and safety of our BC athletes, and provide sporting organizations and medical professionals with access to a reliable and affordable concussion tool."


About SportMedBC

A professional not-for-profit society, SportMedBC is a focal point for sport medicine and science within the provincial sport system. SportMedBC is committed to identifying, developing and promoting best practices in sport health, sport safety and sport training. We aim to coordinate access to a network of practitioners and to be the ultimate resource for British Columbians of all levels of activity. For more information or for an interview, please contact Mike Martignago at or visit Follow us at @sportmedbc.

About HeadCheck Health

The HeadCheck app runs baseline and post-injury concussion assessments at the sideline of sporting events. Backed by evidence-based science, the app tracks athletes' overall concussion health, and provides instant comparisons to past test performances. The mobile app is based off of the gold standard Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 3 (SCAT3), but is quicker to use than traditional paper assessments as it is digital and can be run from any location within minutes. HeadCheck measures a number of key identifiers of a concussion – including symptoms, balance and neurocognitive function. This allows medical professionals such as athletic trainers and doctors to make informed sideline decisions, reducing the mismanagement of athletes who are unfit to return to play. All data is time-stamped and securely stored for convenient 24/7 access. The data can follow the athlete to all future sports, providing a picture of risk management through historical data and trend analytics.

HeadCheck is the most comprehensive, easy to use concussion assessment tool at the most affordable price. For more information on HeadCheck Health visit

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