SportMedBC Launches New LearnToRun10K Fall  Program

SportMedBC is excited to announce the launch of our LearnToRun10K Program this fall at the Hastings Community Centre! It's the same LearnToRun10K Program you know from InTraining…. but with a little less ice & snow! This is a perfect way to get back into running after summer holidays and set yourself up for success with the 2019 Vancouver Sun Run InTraining program in January.
If you have always wanted to start running, this is the program for you. Not only will you learn the skills & techniques to run injury-free, but you’ll be training with a group of awesome people – and having fun too!
SportMedBC's LearnToRun10K is a progressive training program that utilizes a combination of running & walking to help gradually increase your strength and stamina. Guided by a team of trained leaders, you will build the endurance and confidence to prepare you to complete a 10K distance injury-free at the end of 13 weeks. Participants will meet with their leaders once per week, plus receive a comprehensive 13-week LearnToRun10K program, weekly coaching advice, nutrition tips, and access to additional training resources. For program details and registration information click here.

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