SportMedBC is Looking for Sport Safety Instructors

SportMedBC is expanding its province wide network of course instructors. 

We are seeking experienced health care practitioners to teach SportMedBC’s four, single day Sport Safety Courses and Workshops.

1. Sports First Aid Course

2. Athletic Taping Course

3. Concussion Management Workshop

4. SportSmart Workshop

Candidates must have a professional designation (CATA or SPC preferred). 

We are seeking practitioners who are passionate about sport safety and strive to ensure that others are equipped with the right information and attitude to keep all fields of play as safe as possible. The successful candidate will have both on-field and clinical experience managing athletic injuries as well as a strong athletic taping background.

Instructors work on a paid per course contract. Instructor expenses during courses are covered by SportMedBC.


Sport First Aid Course

This eight-hour workshop serves as an introduction to injury prevention and on-site management of sports related injuries. Topics covered include recognition and control of potentially hazardous situations, injury assessment and the handling of life-threatening situations, management of common injuries, referral patterns and the development of a sports first-aid kit. 

Athletic Taping Course

This eight-hour course covers many of the taping techniques used in a sport setting through a combination of lecture and practical sessions. Safety considerations relating to taping will be introduced. Preventive and supportive techniques for the ankle will also be covered. Taping-techniques covered include regional techniques for the ankle, foot, elbow, wrist, thumb and finger. Procedures for injury prevention, minimizing the chance of further damage when injury occurs and for aiding the healing process are covered though a combination of lecture and practical sessions.

Concussion Management Workshop

This two-hour workshop focuses on sharing the latest medical and scientific information about brain injury, sport risk factors, prevention techniques, and concussion management guidelines. Participants will review on-field assessment techniques, including the use of Sideline Concussions Assessment Tools and a review of red flags. Finally, the grey area surrounding return-to-play decisions will be explored, providing ample time for specific questions from the audience.

SportSmart Injury Prevention & Performance Workshop

This two-hour workshop offers introductory safety and performance workshops designed to help parents, coaches and administrators understand how they can be key players in preventing injuries and facilitating the development of their children as athletes. In a fast-moving workshop, SportSmart participants will learn:

• How to ensure players are properly prepared for activity

• How to warm-up and cool down efficiently and properly

• Shoulder, knee, foot and ankle specific injury prevention exercises and techniques

• Where to turn in the event of an injury to children

• Where to find the most up-to-date sport safety resources and tools


Please send your resume and cover letter to Diane RizzardoCoordinator of SportMed Safety & Event Services.  

We thank everyone in advance for applying. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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