SportMedBC Introduces New Student Membership

SportMedBC is pleased to offer a new student associate membership class. Following the adoption of a special resolution from our 2019 AGM, students attending a post-secondary institution in a sport medicine related program and having completed the BC Sports Aid Program are eligible for associate student membership. This will give students access to event medical coverage opportunities where they will be able to learn in the field and earn valuable work experience.

The BC Sports Aid Certificate recognizes individuals who have completed SportMedBC’s Sports First Aid and Athletic Taping Courses and have obtained a valid CPR-C certification. SportMedBC is also affiliated with a number of College and University programs in providing equivalency Sports Aid Certification to students who have completed designated sports medicine and injury prevention courses and have obtained a valid CPR-C certification.

The BC Sports Aid Certificate is a provincially recognized certificate exhibiting training in sport injury prevention and management and an excellent stepping stone towards a professional career in sports injury management.

Individuals are eligible for student associate membership in the Society if, at the time of application, they:

  • Have successfully completed the BC Sports Aid Program;
  • Hold a valid BC Sports Aid Certificate;
  • Are enrolled full-time in a post-secondary recognised institute program;
  • Have an interest in pursuing a medical, para-medical or sport science profession that supports the purposes of the Society

Students can register for student membership through the BC Sports Aid Program sign up page.

For more information please contact

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