SportMedBC 30th Anniversary & AGM to be presented by MultiSport Centre of Excellence

30th ANNIVERSARY SPORTMEDBC EVENT TO BE PRESENTED BY MULTISPORT… Milestone AGM & Reception to be held at Coast Hotel at English Bay on September 13th

VANCOUVER (August 9th, 2012) – SportMedBC’s 30th Anniversary and Annual General Meeting will be presented by the MultiSport Centre of Excellence. The milestone event will be held Thursday, September 13th at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites at English Bay and will recognize three decades of sport medicine, sport science and sport training.

“As the provincial network of sport medical and paramedical practitioners in British Columbia, we’re delighted to present our 30th Anniversary Event in partnership with the MultiSport Centre of Excellence,” said Dr. David Cox, Chair of SportMedBC. “Given the role that MultiSport’s flagship facility will play within our network and what it intends to contribute to the promotion and development of the sport medicine and science fields, it’s only natural that they’ve stepped up to serve as our presenting partner.”

The MultiSport Centre of Excellence will open in early 2013 and will feature a 150,000 square foot athlete development centre and a sport medicine, science and training institute. The flagship facility, built and funded by the MultiSport Foundation, is centrally-situated in Burnaby, B.C.

“We are proud to be community partners of SportMedBC and to be invited to serve as the presenting partner of the 30th Anniversary event,” said Scott Cousens, Chair of the MultiSport Centre of Excellence. “To help commemorate the 30th Anniversary and pay tribute to all of those who have made BC one of the continent’s leading sport medical communities is an honour for us as new members of that dynamic and growing sector.”

Cousens will address the September 13th event as part of a line-up of speakers marking three decades of evolution and advancement in the sport medical and paramedical professions.

The event is designed to honour many of the leading personalities in the SportMedBC family, including those who helped found the professional not-for-profit society in 1982.

The Annual General Meeting will begin at 5:30pm, with a reception to follow at 6:30pm. 

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