SportMed Safety

SportMedBC promotes sport safety and best practices for injury prevention and management through our SportMed Safety Program, by providing the BC sport and athletic community with leadership, education and training.

Injury prevention and injury treatment are at the very heart of Sport Medicine. SportMed Safety programs span everything from sports taping and sports first aid to proper equipment and gear for beginners and performance athletes alike. We also work closely with sport organizations and sport event organizers to ensure that their members and competitors have access to the safest possible conditions.

Safety Programs

Event Coverage by SportMedBC:

Placement of Team Practitioners:

SportMedBC can help to connect your team with the appropriate professional for in season medical coverage or injury management services.

Supply Rental:

SportMedBC can provide Medical Kits, Therapy Tables or AEDs for your event. Rental fees will apply.

Action Plan:

SportMedBC can develop and extensive Emergency Action Plan for you event. An administrative fee will apply.

Please direct all inquiries, including fee for service costs, to:

Manager SportMed Safety and Event Services | SportMedBC
604.294.3050 – ext. 101

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