SportMed Nutrition To Adopt Healthy Food Guidelines For Sport Venues

As detailed in a recent article in the Globe and Mail, the move towards healthier food choices, which has already appeared in many schools across BC and Canada, has now it is has spread to community ice rinks in Montreal. We asked SportMed Nutrition managing dietitian Jennifer Gibson for her comments on the need for sport venues locally in BC to get healthier food choices for their patrons.    

Canadians have experienced this ironic situation at their local sport venue. In venues which promote exercise, sport and getting active, the food choices seem to promote artery clogging, cavities and weight gain. Health is certainly not on the menu!

SportMedBC is leading a similar change for the province of BC. SportMedBC, in partnership with the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport and key sport organizations across British Columbia, is in the process of developing Guidelines for Foods and Beverages available at Sport Events in BC. These guidelines aim to ensure that healthy and appropriate food choices are available to athletes and spectators.

These guidelines will be mandated for all sporting events in BC which are supported by the government.  They will also be strongly recommended for non government supported sporting events.  

The guidelines are positioned towards reaching:

– Food service organizations that provide catering for day long or multi-day sporting events/tournaments

– Food concession operators that are located within sport venues that are hosting sporting events

The overall goal of the guidelines are to promote that 80% of the food and beverages offered to athletes and spectators should come from healthy choices.

Authored by SportMed Nutrition’s managing dietitian Jennifer Gibson, the  guidelines should come into effect this Spring 2009. Stay tuned for details.

For more on the SportMed Nutrition program click here.

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