SportMed Network Practitioner Tilman von der Linde, blogs on how to get going in your Sun Run Training

Hey! Congrats on choosing to become a SUNRUNNER.

Amongst other sports interests, my active life has taken me from being a competitive track and cross-country runner in my younger years, to soccer in Europe. Recently, I have been in training to take part in a 200km Speed Skating Tour in Holland known as the Elfstedentocht. My hope remains that the weather patterns and ice conditions will make this event happen this year. If you are interested in seeing some fabulous pictures of other skating tours that have already taken place this year, check out, Molentocht 2009.

In kick starting your training for the Sun Run, start off with an easy paced workout and build in intensity in the coming days and weeks. Starting a Cardio routine to prepare you for the 13 week Sun Run training schedule can help keep you on target.

Initially, it takes a lot of energy to get the wheels turning and settle into a routine, but once you get there, your body will have had time to adjust, catch up and be willing to work with you instead of against you.

Starting off hard, right from the first day can zap your strength, jangle your back and leg muscles, play with your ability to resist the common cold and last but not least, drain your enthusiasm to continue.

Hang in there! The fitter you are, the easier life becomes.


Tilman von der Linde RMT.

Muscles in Motion – Vancouver

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