Corporate InTraining Clinics

Are you looking for a way to promote health & fitness withing your organization? Or perhaps your team would like to improve your overall race time from last year? With SportMedBC’s running & walking programs, your colleagues can train together for a virtual 10K event.

SportMedBC will once again be hosting our10k InTraining Program for walkers & runners across the province. The goal is to provide members of the local community with a graduated walking and/or running program in which they will train safely & comfortably for a 10K event. such as the 2021 Virtual Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday, April 18th 2021.

For more information on the Corporate Team InTraining Program, please contact SportMedBC’s RunWalk Manager – | 604.294.3050 e. 105)

How can the Corporate InTraining Program cater to your workplace?

Corporate Clinics are unlike other community centre InTraining clinics, as they are only open to members of your organization! This means that you receive the same quality training in the company of your colleagues. This is the perfect way to get you and your team race-ready!

What do you need to get started?

You will need one person to lead and coordinate the clinic each week. Depending on the size & training needs of your group, you may also need a few volunteer leaders who are willing to help their teammates reach their goals!

What if our team members have varying athletic abilities and running experience? 

No problem at all! The InTraining Program offers different training plans to help your team reach their goals – including the Walk10K, NordicWalk10K, LearnToRun10K, Run10K, and Run10KStronger programs. For more details on each training plan, please visit the the Frequently Asked Questions page

What’s included? 

Registration, per person, for the Corporate InTraining Program includes:

  • 13 weeks of SportMedBC’s RunWalk training programs designed by Olympian Lynn Kanuka
  • Digital copies of all SportMedBC 13-week RunWalk training programs
  • Weekly coaching advice, nutrition tips, and additional training resources
  • Sponsor products, giveaways, and samples
  • InTraining digital logbook

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