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In partnership with the North Shore Triathlon, SportMedBC is launching a My First Triathlon clinic! This 12-week program is for the recreational athlete who has their eyes set on doing their first sprint triathlon. Experienced triathlete and coach Andrew Tuovinen and swim coach Stewart Scott, will progressively guide you through the multi-discipline training to reach the goal of completing the renowned North Shore Triathlon on May 18th, 2020 – a sprint triathlon featuring a 444m swim, 17.6K bike ride, and 5K run. 


Your training experience will include a 12-week sprint triathlon training program, including three coaching sessions per week, as well as suggested training to be done individually. You will swim, run and bike with your coach for an hour training session per discipline. On the road you’ll learn about training zones, heart rate training and how to get the most out of your workout. In the water you will develop skills to swim with more confidence and efficiency, improve front crawl technique and get advice on how to train for the event.

The program starts February 23, 2020 and runs until May 7, 2020.



Coach: Andrew Tuovinen

Andrew has been involved in multi-sport athletics since completing his first triathlon in 1986. From that moment forward, swim, bike and run training and triathlon and duathlon racing became an obsession, resulting in many podium performances that continue to this day. By 1997, his career path had transitioned naturally into a full-time career as a swim-bike-run coach and personal trainer. His nearly 20-year personal training and coaching career has netted many firsts and personal bests with clients who are anyone from the beginner athlete to the lifetime competitor. Andrew get into stride with his athletes, helping set the pace for their successes and being by their side when they achieve their athletic endeavors.

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Coach: Stewart Scott

Stewart has been coaching swimming in Vancouver for the last 8 years, helping 1000s of clients become more comfortable in the water and achieve their goals, whether it’s been to learn to swim for fun, complete their first triathlon, or race for the podium. A competitive swimmer through his teenage years when breaststroke was his main event. He studies Physiology & Sports Science at the University of Glasgow, moved to Vancouver in 2010, and have completed 10-12 triathlons as well as various running, cycling and mountain biking events. 

Having rekindled his love of competitive swimming in 2016, he created a swim team, won medals at Nationals and qualified for Worlds in Korea and is optimistic about achieving his goal of swimming faster as an adult than he ever did as a kid. 

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Swimming Session
Location:  St George’s Senior School, 4175 W 29th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6S 1V1
Start Date:  Sunday February 23rd 2020
Time:  1-2pm
Coach:  Stewart Scott
Specifics:  25m pool
Cycling Session
Location:  Level 10 Fitness, 890 Harbourside Dr #140, North Vancouver, BC V7P 3T7
Start Date:  Monday 24th Feb
Time: 6:30-7:30pm
Coach:  Andrew Touvinen
Specifics:  Week 1-6 INDOORS spin studio. Week 6-12 OUTDOORS
Running Session
Location:  Kitsilano-Kerrisdale area, various meeting locations
Start Date: Thursday 27th Feb
Time: 7-8pm*
Coach:  Andrew Touvinen
Specifics:  Meeting location will change slightly every week depending of the nature of the workout.
*Note: Wk 1-6 group will meet at 7pm, Wk 6-12 group will meet at 6pm.
Price: $525 
(This works out to $14.50/session)
Limited space available! Last date to register is Friday Feb 21, 2020.

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