Vitamin Water

Glaceau, owned by Coca Cola, North America
Product Description: 

Available in 15 different flavours, each with a unique name, such as Power-C, Defence, Focus, and Formula 50. Each flavour has a slightly different vitamin combination which is believed to attribute to the name. 

Dragon fruit, raspberry-apple, kiwi-strawberry, cranberry-grapefruit, peach-mango, orange-orange, lemon tea, tropical citrus, jackfruit-guava, green tea, lemon-lime, lemonade, grape, fruit punch, acai-blueberry-pomegranate

Ingredients: (Defence – Raspberry-Apple flavour with Vitamin C & Zinc)
Vapor distilled/deionized water, crystalline fructose, citric acid, vegetable juice (color), natural flavour, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), natural flavour, vitamin E acetate, magnesium lactate (electrolyte), calcium lactate (electrolyte), zinc picolinate, monopotassium phosphate (electrolyte), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6), cyanocobalamine (B12)

Nutrient Data: (8 fd.oz.g/2.5 servings per bottle)

Nutrient Per Serving  Per Bottle
Energy 50 Cal 125 Cal
Protein 0 g 0 g
Fat 0 g 0 g
Saturates 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrate   13 g 32.5 g
Dietary Fibre 0g 0 g
Vitamin C 60% 150%
Vitamin B3 10% 25%
Vitamin B6 10% 25%
Vitamin B12 10% 25%
Vitamin B5 10% 25%
Zinc 10% 25%
Potassium 140 mg 350 mg
Sodium 0 mg 0 mg

Suitable For:
Pre-exercise: A source of pre-activity hydration with a moderate levels of simple carbohydrates per serving (32g per bottle) and no fat allow for consumption about 1-2 hours before exercise. Combine with protein to balance the glycemic load.
During exercise: With 32g of carbohydrates and 591 mls of fluids, this beverage could be used to replace carbohydrates during endurance exercise longer than 90 mins. The beverage however contains no sodium (0 mg), a vital electrolyte lost in sweat and would need to be added. Potassium, magnesium and calcium are added.

After-exercise: High glycemic carbohydrates can boost restoration of glycogen to muscles.  Be sure to use in combination with other carbohydrate foods and protein to ensure adequate glycogen repletion and optimal recovery.

Overall, a source of simple carbohydrate which could be used to providing fuel for muscles before and after exercise. Sports drink would offer a similar fuel but with added electrolytes. The additional vitamins available in this product may not be necessary if one is consuming a balanced diet.

Taste Rating:
Wide range of flavors. The Defence, raspberry-apple great refreshing taste, sweet, but not too overpowering.

Real Food Alternative:
Water + fruit gummies + ½ multivitamin tablet (save about $1.95)
Water + banana + ½ multivitamin tablet
Water + ½ cup juice + ½ multivitamin tablet

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For pre, during and post exercise Vitamin Water is one way to top off hydration with some additional carbohydrate. It's suggested that you consume carbohydrate, protein and fluid 1-2 hours before exercise. One bottle in combination with other sources of carbohydrate (ie. granola bar, banana) and protein (fish, cottage cheese) can help provide these fuels. Any sports drink or juice can offer this benefit.

For anyone trying to watch their calorie intake and for less intense activity, vitamin water provides additional sugar and calories which is not necessary. For your daily hydration, water is still the best choice and adding some lemon for flavour is a way cheaper alternative!

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Price: ~1.99 per bottle Price of a multivitamin $0.03-0.12 per tablet. Overall rating: 2.5/5 The rating system is on a scale of 1-5. Below are the classifications: 1=very poor choice 2=not recommended 3=suitable for some individuals/athletes in specific situations 4=overall a good product, meets majority of requirements and will suit most situations 5=great product, well formulated and will suit most individuals and situations.
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Shopper’s Drug Mart, some convenience stores

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