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Used in conjunction with PowerFlex, this tape is stronger than the traditional cloth tape that trainers use, and it does not lose effectiveness when worn for extended periods or when exposed to moisture.

The first layer of PowerFlex tape is applied similar to how an underwrap would be used – continuous wraps of the tape onto the skin.

This is followed by strips of PowerTape, which bonds to the first layer, creating a strong, stable and comfortable taping system.

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PowerFlex is a strong, fabric-based bandage that tears easily by hand and sticks to itself for quick wrapping and longer staying power.

Eliminates the need for pre-wrap and adhesive spray
Hand tears – sticks to itself for quick wrapping
23 lbs tensile strength – strong, comfortable support
Sweat resistant and breathable
Available in 15 colors and team colors
Variety of sizes

Gavin Leung, Coordinator of the Sports Aid Program for SportMedBC says “the feedback from trainers and athletes has been overwhelming. Since the tape does not use a skin adhesive and is made of a softer material, it is more comfortable to wear for the athletes, and more effective for the trainers in treating injuries”. Currently used by WhiteCaps Men’s and Residential teams, as well as most CFL teams and a number of major universities, this tape is gaining ground with trainers and athletes alike.
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