Designed by Canadian Sport Physiotherapist, Greg Bay
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The shorts are made to mirror the functional anatomy of the abdominal & lower back area while providing compression to this area of the body.

Coreshorts are designed with the goal of aiding athletes and sport enthusiasts in the recovery of core injuries by providing various degrees of support & control to the problem area.

A series of strategically angled elastics are woven into lycra shorts to produce an anatomically correct compression short.

Various models are available - REHAB @ $110, PRO @ $80 and the LITE @ $45.



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There are three styles of Coreshorts: Lite, Pro and Rehab that vary from basic to extreme support of the injured area. The Lite version was extremely well suited for the needs of this distance runner who has a history of sacro-illiac (SI) joint troubles. She did try the Pro shorts but found them too restricting for her running gait. "Coreshorts provide me with the right amount of core stability, improving the quality and intensity of my workouts, as well as my performance at races". The additional support in hip and core gave her the confidence she needed to complete workouts and perform her best in competition. While Coreshorts don't take the place of strong core muscles they can definitely provide you with the added stability you need while you work to strengthen the core muscles. The shorts were found to be comfortable and while they were a little warm in the summer months, they are perfect for fall and early spring weather.
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Available at SPORTMED retailers and Soccer City

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