Running & Walking

Great work! I hope you’re feeling proud of your accomplishments. You will likely think of yourself as a different person – if you didn’t know before, you definitely know now, if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. But now that the program is over, you may find yourself asking, “Now what?” From a physiological standpoint, your successful completion of InTraining brings both good news and bad. The good news is that the cardiovascular (heart and lung) fitness you have worked so patiently to develop over the past 13 weeks is relatively easy to...Read more
When going out for a run it is important to prepare by deciding on your clothing, footwear, and accessories, but it’s equally important to pick a good route. Here we outline some tips to help make sure your route is allowing you to make the most out of your run. 1. Pick somewhere interesting! One of the most important factors when deciding where to run is picking somewhere that interests you. A park or street with good scenery can keep you motivated, and can improve your satisfaction with your run. 2. Pick somewhere safe! Safety is key when it comes to route planning, and will depend...Read more
Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to wear on a run but here is a general guide to hopefully make it a little bit easier for you. 1. Layers Dress for your temperature in the middle of your run – this means layer your clothing, but don’t pile on too many clothes or else you’ll have some troubles trying to take them off while running. A good example of this is the Sugoi Versa Jacket (right image) – it has magnetic removable sleeves that turn this from a weather-resistant jacket to a vest! It also has a back pocket for convenient storage of the sleeves because...Read more
Snacks: Important Fuel for Runners By Patricia Chuey, Senior Nutrition Consultant, SportMedBC Boxer Rocky Balboa snacked on a smoothie of raw eggs. As we reach step 8 on our climb to Sun Run victory, it’s time to look at the quality of the snacks fueling the journey - but I’ll take a pass on the raw eggs! For optimal energy stores throughout the duration of your training program, eating every three to four hours throughout the day is advised. Being consistent with snacking during the day when you’re most active also helps prevent over-snacking in the evening when less active...Read more
“When you propel yourself forward with poles, you get a full-body workout.” That’ll give you stronger muscles and bones — and you’ll you zap more fat., by Amanda Vogel, (Nov.2009) Did you see a mysterious 'ski-less' cross-country skier on your way to work this morning? Don’t be fooled, this person knew exactly what she was doing. Nordic walking aka Urban Poling, is a hot fitness trend quickly spreading throughout Canada. If you like walking, you’ll love the fun and health benefits of Nordic Walking! Increasing numbers of people...Read more
It is important to find the right pair of shoes before beginning an exercise program. The right shoe will make you walk straighter and walk further without tiring as easily. There is a wide selection of shoes out there, and they are all specifically designed for each sport – there are tennis shoes, running shoes, golf shoes, and there are also shoes designed specifically for our purpose – walking! Shoes are designed to provide a specific fit in terms of – Support – cushioned or motion control. Last – curved or straight Flexibility – soft or hard Widths...Read more
Research has shown that pedometers are effective tools in encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. Walking is often an overlooked exercise, as it looks ordinary and easy, but it can be the tool you need to achieve the lifestyle goals you are looking for. With a pedometer, people can learn to set and achieve daily exercise targets. Read on to find out more: What is a Pedometer? A pedometer is a small device that measures the number of steps you take. How does it work? The pedometer has a small lever arm inside, that moves up and down as your hip moves, thus counting your steps. It also...Read more
To those new to the activity, Nordic walking poles look like nothing more than rubber tipped ski poles – and basically they’re correct. But in the long run it is important that the poles you use be of quality design, materials, and features and of a proper length in order to maximize the safety and benefits of the activity. Design As with any sporting activity, there is vigorous debate about what type of pole design and what features are best. There are one-piece non-adjustable poles which come in different lengths and are designed to fit a range of user heights. There are also...Read more
New to Nordic walking? Here’s what you need to know! “Nordic walking”, or fitness walking with specially designed poles, is among the fastest growing fitness trends all around the globe. In recent years it has taken much of Europe by storm. If you are interested in giving this total body exercise version of walking a try there are a few things you need to know to make your entry into the Nordic walking community in an intelligent and informed way. Here’s what you’ll need to know. The History Although the European Nordic walking community would like to trace the...Read more
There is more to starting a walking or running program than just heading out the door. Because you are trying to make changes that you hope will become lifelong habits, you will need to lay a strong foundation - your own personal motivation plan. This plan will address your individual needs and help you start and stick with a fitness regimen. Getting Ready for Change Changing your actions or incorporating new behaviours such as walking or running into your life can be challenging. There are six stages that most people move through as they try to make regular physical activity part of their...Read more