Athletic Injuries, Prevention & Management

If you have a sport injury that requires medical attention, there are numerous professionals who specialize in sport-related conditions. SportMedBC maintains an online Directory of Practitioners where you can search for practitioners in your area. The Sports Medicine Health Care Team Sports medicine is ideally suited to a team approach. Each professional discipline contributes towards identifying new approaches to, and perspectives on, best practices as they relate to the care of athletes and active individuals. PHYSICIANS : Primary care physicians who specialize in sport medicine are usually...Read more
A tooth may chip (fracture), be knocked loose or completely knocked out. A blow to the upper or lower jaw is the usual mechanism by which the teeth can be damaged. A fractured tooth exposes the nerve within to the environment, rendering the tooth very sensitive to cold, and thereby requiring the athlete to keep his/her mouth closed. Signs & Symptoms Obvious cracking, splitting or chipping of the tooth. Sensitivity of the tooth to cold. Pain. Crooked or obvious missing tooth! On-Site Management Stop Bleeding. Have the athlete sit with their head forward, allowing the blood to drain from...Read more