Resource Library: Athletic Injuries, Prevention & Management

SportMedBC’s Athletic Injury, Prevention & Management articles are intended to be a resource for sport medical practitioners, coaches, parents and athletes to find information on common athletic injuries and conditions. This is by no means an exhaustive list and individuals should consult with their doctor or allied health professional before self-diagnosing or treating any injury or condition.

Tendonitis (Soccer)

Inflammation of the tendon and/or tendon sheath is referred to as tendonitis. Small tears can develop causing inflammation that forms scar tissue (adhesions). These adhesions

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Tendon Ruptures (Soccer)

In the muscle-tendon unit, the area where the muscle joins the tendon is often the weakest link in the chain. Consequently, this is often the

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Compartment Syndrome (Soccer)

Compartment syndrome results from increased pressure in the muscle compartment, usually of the lower leg. The condition leads to pain, decreased circulation and compromised muscle

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Bursitis (Soccer)

Bursae are small fluid-filled sacs lined with synovial membrane that are usually located in or close to joints. They function to reduce friction created by

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Muscle Cramps (Soccer)

Muscle cramps are painful contractions or spasms of a muscle usually caused by fatigue, water loss, or by inadequate stretching, conditioning, and/or warm-up during soccer

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Blisters in Soccer Players

Blisters are localized accumulations of fluid between layers of skin. Mechanism of Injury They are usually caused by friction on the skin due to: poorly

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