SportMedBC’s InTraining Program 

Refund Policy 

  • Participants are eligible for full refunds until the start of the first session. 
  • Participants are eligible for partial refunds ($97) after the start of the first session, up until the start of the second week of the program. 
  • No Refund will be issued after the second week until the end of the third week of the program except for medical reasons (doctor’s note required). 
  • Refunds will be issued through the credit card used for registration payment.  
  • SportMedBC does not offer refunds by cheque. 

Health Safety Addendum 

  • SportMedBC advises participants who have cold or flu-like symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has develops any symptoms of illness such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or malaise (severe fatigue or feeling of being generally unwell, will ask to stay home. 
  • If withdrawal from the program is necessary due to development of illness symptoms participants will be required to contact SportMedBC for a pro-rated refund. 
  • In the event of clinic suspension due to an outbreak or on advice of the Provincial Health Officer, SportMedBC and its leaders will continue to support participants through online training providing it is suitable and safe to do so.  
  • Should any of the program need to be cancelled for any reason refunds from SportMedBC are prorated as follows: 
RunWalk Prior to Week 8  
10k to Half-Marathon Prior to Week 5 
CycleFondo Prior to Week 6 
  • If the following InTraining Program is cancelled at any point (see table). SportMedBC will offer refunds on a pro-rated basis for any weeks missed because of the cancellation. 
  • If the program needs to be cancelled at any point beyond Week 8 no refunds will be offered.  

To request a refund, please contact the Online Communications Manager at ext. 103 or email

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