RBC GranFondo, SportMedBC to Deliver Training Clinics For Riders

SportMedBC is excited to announce a partnership with GranFondo Canada to deliver 12-week training programs that support beginner and intermediate riders in their goal of completing the RBC GranFondo Whistler on September 8, 2018!

RBC GranFondo and SportMedBC are aligned in their missions to provide riders with a comprehensive approach to training, spanning everything from road safety, cycling etiquette, and selecting equipment to injury prevention and nutrition tips.

“We are excited to add SportMedBC’s expertise to enhance our training clinics and support our riders,” says RBC GranFondo Community Development Manager, Nick Lagasse. “SportMedBC has a long tradition of working with athletes at all levels and developing training programs proven to support participants in achieving their goals.”

Since 1996, SportMedBC has trained over 50,000 people to successfully complete the 10K distance and take part in one of North America's largest 10K events, The Vancouver Sun Run. SportMedBC training clinics, which cater to people of all fitness levels, have been developed by Canada’s leading experts in sport medicine and incorporate the most advanced practices in sport science. SportMedBC hopes to bring this same framework and expertise from two feet to two wheels.

“We are thrilled to partner with RBC GranFondo and help build on the success of their training programs” says SportMedBC Executive Director, Robert Joncas. “RBC GranFondo Whistler offers riders an unparalleled cycling experience. What better way to introduce more sports minded and active British Columbians to cycling than through this world class event?”

RBC GranFondo offers three different training programs for riders to choose from. Whether you’re looking to tackle the RBC GranFondo Whistler for the first time, improve your time from last year, or interested in a women only training clinic, there’s a program to help you reach your goal.

RBC GranFondo Training Clinics start the week of June 10th and are offered at various locations across the Lower Mainland.

For more information visit www.rbcgranfondo.com/whistler/training-clinics/

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