HeadCheck Health

HeadCheck Health

HeadCheck is a complete concussion management and identification tool used by trained professionals in sport.

With HeadCheck’s iOS app users can:

  • Run baseline and post-injury concussion assessments
  • Track athlete concussion health
  • And get instant comparison to past test performance

In January 2017, SportMedBC partnered with HeadCheck Health to provide evidence-based concussion testing.

HeadCheck Health strives to bring the public the latest and most innovative technology backed by scientific research. HeadCheck’s goal is to bridge the gap between your team and the latest research in the field. It is HeadCheck’s mission to provide an effective and affordable solution for concussion identification and management.

Combined with a comprehensive battery of concussion tests, HeadCheck will soon feature a novel balance quantification method delivers objective scoring, providing users with reliable scores to make appropriate sideline decisions.


The HeadCheck app can be used on its own, or in tandem with other concussion protocols that you currently employ.

  • Complete concussion assessment in less than 5 minutes
  • Extensive range of tests includes  symptoms,  cognitive function and balance
  • Currently, we feature all of the Gold Standard Test:
    • Initial Assessment
    • Glasgow Coma Scale
    • Maddocks Score
    • Symptoms Evaluation
    • Cognitive Assessment
    • Balance Test
    • Neck Examination
  • Test score summary with immediate comparison to baseline
  • Securely store and share test results with doctors, trainers, and parents
  • Coming soon: HeadCheck’s wireless headband objectively quantifies balance

For more information, visit HeadCheckHealth.com.

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