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SportMedBC courses and workshops are designed to guide participants through the most up to date best practices in sport safety, injury prevention and injury management.  All courses and workshops are taught by our SportMed Safety Instructors.  Certified Athletic Therapists and Sports Physiotherapists deliver sport specific lessons in an interactive format.

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Sports First Aid Course (8 Hours)

Participants are introduced to sport injury prevention and on-site management of sports related injuries.  Topics covered include roles and responsibilities, emergency planning and prevention of injuries, recognition and control of life-threatening situations and common sports injuries. This course also includes our complete Concussion Management Module integrated to the curretn sport first aid content.

Course registration fee: $145.00 + GST

*A certificate of completion will be issued. 

Athletic Taping Course (8 Hours)

Certified Athletic Therapists will cover taping techniques used in a sport setting through a combination of lecture and practical sessions.  Safety considerations, preventative and supportive techniques will be discussed.  Participants will be introduced to procedures for the ankle, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, fingers and thumb. 

Participants are encouraged to wear athletic attire during this course (Shorts and t-shirt)

Course registration fee: $170.00 + GST (includes all supplies and workbook)

*A certificate of completion will be issued.  This course is approved for 7.0 BCRPA and 7.0 PE/A2 CMTBC Continuing Education Credits.

Sport-Specific Course Option

A sport-specific Sports First Aid course can be requested by any organization wishing to train its members.  This approach will ensure that participants are prepared for the risks and injuries associated with their respective sport.  Instructors will provide guidance and training that is relevant to the needs of your specific sport.  Course registration fees may vary, depending on the size of the group.

Course registration fee: $150.00 + GST


Concussion Management Workshop (2 Hours)

Certified Athletic Therapists will lead participants through best practices in understanding brain injury, sport risk factors, prevention techniques and concussion management guidelines.  Participants will review on-field assessment techniques, the use of the Concussion Recognition Tool 5, SCAT5 tool and return to learn and return to sport protocols.  Participants will be given time for sport specific questions.

Course registration fee: Group ($420.00 + GST) / Per Person ($28.00 + GST)

 *A certificate of completion will be issued.  This course is approved for 2.0 BCRPA and 2.0 PE/A2 CMTBC Continuing Education Credits.

SportSmart Injury Prevention and Performance Workshop (2 Hours)

The SportSmart workshop offers introductory safety and performance tips designed to help parents, coaches and managers to understand how to better prepare athletes, prevent injuries, and facilitate the development of children in athletics.  Topics covered include sport preparation, recognition and management of common injuries and recovery.

Course registration fee: Group ($420.00 + GST) / Per Person ($28.00 + GST)

*A certificate of completion will be issued.  This course is approved for 2.0 BCRPA 


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