Integrated Performance System & Team BC

Integrated Performance System & Team BC

SportMedBC welcomes requests to facilitate the provision of sport science and medical support services to Team BC athletes and coaches in preparation for the Canada Games. The following services and programs are available:

Please contact Team BC Medical Manager, Philippe Saucier for more information -- email OR 604.294.3050 ext. 104 


Sport Science and Medical Support Services

SportMedBC is responsible for managing the provision of sport science and medical support services to Team BC athletes and coaches based on the approved sports’ plans.

Science and Medicine Program Services Overview

  • Functional Screening Program

Athletes will be assessed by a trained practitioner (Physiotherapist / Athletic Therapist)   using a well-established screening protocol.  The functional assessment will identify the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses and any postural or mechanical deficiencies, while providing specific guidelines for preventing injury and enhancing performance.  While it is beyond the scope of these sessions to provide injury treatment or conduct a lengthy medical consultation, the session is useful for providing the coach, and the participating athlete with a definitive plan of action. The coach should be an active participant in the functional screening sessions in order to take action on the findings.  If necessary, athletes will be referred to a local medical practitioner for further treatment and intervention.  Each therapist will spend approximately 45 minutes per athlete. After the assessment, therapists will review key follow-up recommendations with the coach and athlete. Each athlete will take away an individualized action plan.  It is strongly recommended that a Strength and Conditioning Specialist participate with the therapist in a “debriefing” following the functional screening assessment. The strength and conditioning program follow-up may be formulated at that time, and determined on coach and athlete requirements.

  • Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength and conditioning specialists may be engaged to provide services to Team BC. All teams accessing this service are advised to have completed functional screening prior to initiation of this service.  Strength and conditioning specialists can work with coaches and athletes to implement training programs that emphasize safe, sport-specific, and effective protocols that will allow athletes to enhance athletic performance. 

  • Mental Training Program

Each mental performance consultant will design a program based on their individualized approach to both mental skills training and team development, and the context of the team to which he/she has been engaged.  While each team can access this program prior to the games, note that Team BC will also provide 2 mental performance consultants during the games.  If teams have engaged a mental performance consultant prior to the games and wish to continue with this consultant for the games, teams will be responsible for arranging this service.

  • Nutrition Program

A registered dietician is available to be engaged to deliver services to Team BC.

Athletes learn what foods they need to eat to fuel their athletic performance in training and competition, how much to hydrate and when to eat for optimal recovery. Athletes receive practical information that allows them to formulate their own nutrition and hydration plan. As with other programs, it is mandatory for coaches to attend. For nutrition seminars, the parents of all athletes are encouraged to attend as well.  These will be determined in consultation with coaches. Some suggested topics include weight management, planning nutrition for multi-event days, disordered eating and sport nutrition.

  • Drug Education Program

The Games drug education program is led by CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport), through a free on-line forum that all athletes and coaches must complete before attending the Games. In person seminars can be facilitated by a CCES employee on a fee for service basis.  All education components and records of completion will be coordinated by the Team BC Medical Manager.

Sport Science and Medicine Support Services

  • Fee for Service Guidelines – Team BC

A menu of managed sport medicine and science support services and fee for service guidelines has been developed for Team BC to assist with program planning. This document outlines fee for service guidelines for programs. 

Note - Practitioner expenses for travel and required resources (handouts, protocol sheets, etc.) are NOT included in the fee schedule. 

SportMedBC Managed Programs

Functional AssessmentSportMedBC

Conducted by a qualified therapist. Approximately 45 minutes per athlete, 6 athletes per session.

$300 - $350 per session per therapist

Event/Camp Medical CoverageSportMedBC

Physician, Therapist (Athletic, Physio, Massage) to accompany a team traveling, or to provide event-specific coverage.

Per diem (negotiated – min $200 per day)

Mental Training ServicesSportMedBC

Athlete/Coach support: Team observations, program development, one on one counseling, etc.

Minimum $75 per hour, or

Minimum $300 per diem
Strength & Conditioning ServicesSportMedBC

Athlete/Coach Support: Team observations, program development, one on one (or small group) training.

Minimum $75 per hour, or

Minimum $300 per diem
Sport Dietitian ServicesSportMedBC

Athlete/Coach Support: Team observations, program development, one on one (or small group) counseling, etc


Diet Analysis Package - 3-day diet analysis and counseling session 

Minimum $75 per hour, or

Minimum $300 per diem


$255 per person

Group Education & Skill Building WorkshopsSportMedBC

Examples of Topics: 

- Doping Control

- Nutrition

- Mental Training

- Strength & Conditioning

- Recovery & Regeneration

- Injury Prevention

Minimum $150 per presentation

Other Expenses


Mileage, parking, taxi, car rental, plane, train, ferry. Payable upon receipt of expense claim form (with receipts).

$0.50 per km

Meals, Accomodation

Must be pre-approved, and within specified limits

As pre-approved with receipts
Travel Time

Where appropriate, practitioners working at an hourly rate should be compensated for travel time (in half and full day increments).


In the case of per diem and retainer/salary arrangements, travel days should be considered in the service contract. 

Half Day = $100.00


Full Day = $200.00


Cell phone, long distance charges, etc.

As pre-approved


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As of March 11, 2022:

  • Masks are no longer required.
    • Individual businesses and event organizers can choose to continue requiring masks on their premises.
    • Reminder to the sport community to be respectful of people's differing comfort levels and that as we transition into this period, people may still choose to wear their mask.

As of April 8, 2022, proof of vaccine will no longer be required.

  • Individual businesses and event organizers can choose to continue requiring proof of vaccination for entry.
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