The result is a comprehensive, proven approach to Sport Training, spanning everything from injury prevention and injury treatment for beginning runners and walkers to proper shoes and equipment to sport nutrition. SportMed RunWalk programming is extensive and is applicable to runners and walkers of all ages and levels of ability. 

Spring 2024 Registration is now closed!

The Spring 2024 program runs January to April with each location meeting every single week for 13 weeks.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced runner or walker, the RunWalk10K clinic will help you reach your fitness & health goals in a safe and support­ive environment. The 13-week program will gradually develop your strength and stamina so that you can train injury-free for a 10K distance.

Participants will meet with their leaders once per week and receive a comprehensive 13-week 10K training program, weekly coaching advice, access to live webinars, nutrition tips, and additional training resources.

If you have always wanted to start running, this is the program for you. Not only will you learn the skills & techniques to run injury-free, but you will be training with a group of incredible people – and have fun too!

We are pleased to offer our clinics year-round at select locations throughout the Lower Mainland and the Interior BC. 

You might be wondering, “Which Level of this program is best for me?” The RunWalk offers four (4)  different levels depending on your fitness goals, Nordic/Walk10K, LearntoRun10K, Run10K and Run10KStronger.

Level Descriptions:

*Please note, not all running programs will be offered at each clinic location. Be sure that the program you want to follow is offered at your preferred host location prior to registering – this will be listed on our clinic registration page.


Follows a nice, progressive change of pace schedule that is appropriate for both beginners and experience walkers.  Workouts will consist of an interval training that leads you through periods of brisk walking, followed by an easy recovery walk with or without Nordic Poles.  Participants should be able to walk comfortably for approximately 30 minutes before joining the program. Nordic Pole walking is an ideal choice for participants with injuries, chronic conditions, limited mobility, or who may be getting back into a fitness regime after a period of inactivity.


Designed for anyone who is interested in learning to run, or who has not been running consistently for the past three months. The change of pace method of training will have you starting out with more walking than running but will gradually increase in intensity throughout the 13 weeks of the program, so that you are prepared to safely & comfortably complete a 10K distance.


This is an intermediate progression for those who would like to work up to Run10KStronger, or for those who are ready to incorporate a faster run pace into their training, but still enjoy the walk recoveries. Your goal for following this program will be to feel more comfortable when you run and prepare you to complete a 10K with quicker RunWalk combinations. This is NOT a learn-to-run program! If you have not been running for 3+ months or are not comfortable with a 10K distance, then please choose the LearnToRun10K Program.


This program is designed for participants who have previously completed the LearnToRun10K and/or Run10K program, and/or are already running for 30 minutes per session approx. 3 times per week. Utilizing a change-of-pace method of training, you will work on increasing your endurance, stamina, and speed by alternating between brisk & recovery paced run intervals.

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The RunWalk InTraining program operates in two (2) seasons: Fall Season (September-December) & Spring Season (January-April)

  • PRICE: $115 (+taxes are not included).
  • AGE RESTRICTION: participants must be 18 +
  • Group sessions are not conducive to bringing your dog or your child. Baby joggers and animals are not permitted during scheduled clinic sessions; except for BC-certified guide or service dogs.


  • Receive a digital copy of SportMedBC detailed InTraining sessions and practice exercises.
  • Elevate your fitness journey with insights into optimal training techniques, injury prevention, nutrition, and recovery strategies.
  • 13 weekly – 70 min guided training sessions (In-Person Clinic)
  • Bi-Weekly virtual check-in Q&A session (Virtual program only)
  • Obtain weekly training advice through webinars, coaching advice, nutrition tips, and additional training resources by sport medicine professionals.
  • Receive exclusive promotional discount codes, products, give-a-ways, and perks from SportMedBC’s affiliated Sponsors and Partners.
  • Opportunity to attend FREE SportMedBC’s SportMed Safety Workshops & Programs     
  • Receive access to a wealth of expertise through engaging video tutorials, interactive live webinars, and informative written resources.
  • Discount for SportMedBC’s online shop


The RunWalk InTraining program follows a 13-week tried & proven RunWalk plan which includes micro and macro-cycles to incorporate gradual, incremental training-load progressions and recovery sessions throughout the 13 weeks. This proven method of training is supported by industry professionals and leading sport medicine practitioners. The focus is to have clinic participants gradually increase their training over a 13-week period, to avoid injury and give the body time to adapt to the stress of running or walking. Participants meet once per week with their group and will be expected to train on two additional days throughout the week.


Please note, while the timeline for the training program still works with the Vancouver Sun Run, we no longer have a direct affiliation with the Sun Run as they contracted an American Company called Capstone Media as of 2019 to handle all the event.


Yes! Unlike previous years your Sun Run race registration is NOT included in your InTraining Program registration.

For any inquiries or concerns please contact the Online Communications Manager & Interim InTraining Coordinator at ext 103. More information regarding our Return Policy Please forward all Refund requests to

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Program Includes

  • 13 Lessons

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