Maintaining10K Program

Our newest pilot program tailored for graduates of the RunWalk 10K or those who have completed a 10K distance, ready to sustain their fitness achievements. With three program levels and a six-week duration, it's the perfect way to keep the 10K momentum going with the support of your run family. Don't let your hard work go to waste—maintain your endurance and push your boundaries further with Maintaining10K. Sign up now and keep the thrill of running alive!

Introducing our latest endeavor, Maintaining10K, designed exclusively for those who’ve successfully completed our renowned RunWalk 10K program and are eager to sustain their newfound fitness peak. After thirteen weeks of dedication and perseverance, we understand the importance of maintaining the hard-earned progress. That’s where Maintaining10K comes into play, offering a seamless transition to a continued journey of running excellence.

Crafted with precision, Maintaining10K is a six-week program tailored to uphold your 10K capacity and keep the running momentum alive. With three distinct levels to cater to varying fitness abilities, participants can seamlessly integrate this program into their routine, ensuring they not only sustain their endurance but also continually enhance their performance. More than just a workout regimen, Maintaining10K fosters a sense of camaraderie by allowing participants to stick together with the run family they’ve forged over the past thirteen weeks, creating an environment of support, encouragement, and shared achievement.

Whether you’re aiming to maintain your current fitness level, push your boundaries further, or simply relish the joy of running alongside like-minded individuals, Maintaining10K promises to be your steadfast companion. Join us as we embark on this next chapter of your running journey, fueled by determination, camaraderie, and the unwavering commitment to excel beyond limits. With Maintaining10K, the finish line is just the beginning of a thrilling adventure that knows no bounds.

As a continuation of the infamous RunWalk program that has assisted thousands of people reach their goal of getting to that 10K distance whether it be by walking, running or run/walk intervals, we’ve crafted these three programs with the original programs in mind.

While you will not be doing a 10K every clinic session, these sessions are tailored to keep that endurance alive and the 10K distance within your grasp by using a variety of different sessions ranging from fartlek’s (speed work), hill training, easy runs and more. 

Please review the 3 Maintaining10K options below and please note that not every program is offered at each location. Please ensure that you review your desired location to ensure that the program is being offered before registering.

  1. MaintainWalk10K

Completed SportMedBC’s Walk10K training and/or are comfortable with a 40min walk three times per week, and ideally have completed at least one 10K event.

  1. Maintain RunWalk – Combining LearnToRun & Run10K

Combining our two Run/Walk interval programs to bridge the gap between the two groups and bring them together for the ultimate experience. This is best suited for people who wish to have a run and a walk interval.

  3. MaintainRunStrong

For those who completed the RunStrong program and wish to maintain the ability to run with no walk intervals. 


  • OPERATION DATE: May 4th – June 13th
  • PRICE: $55 + tax
  • AGE RESTRICTION: participants must be 18 +

Group sessions are not conducive to brining your dog or your child. Baby joggers and animals are not permitted during scheduled clinic sessions, except for BC-certified guide or service dogs.


  • Weekly guided training sessions with SportMedBC trained Instructors & Volunteers.
  • A copy of SportMedBC Maintaining10K InTraining programs.
  • Weekly supported training advice from SportMedBC professionals (nutrition tips, and additional training resources).

Refund Policy 

Participants are eligible for full refunds until the start of the first session. 

Participants are eligible for partial refunds ($46) after the start of the first session, up until the start of the second week of the program. 

No Refund will be issued after the second week until the end of the third week of the program except for medical reasons (doctor’s note required). 

Refunds will be issued through the credit card used for registration payment.  

SportMedBC does not offer refunds by cheque. 

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