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Whether you’re looking to tackle the RBC GranFondo Whistler for the first time, improve your time from last year, or interested in a woman only training clinic, there’s a program to help you reach your goal. The 12-week InTraining Program is designed for anyone who is interested in learning to train for 122km distant ride.  

Whether the goal being to simply “do it”, be faster or more confident and efficient. The focus is to have participants gradually increase their training over a 12-week period, to avoid injury and give the body time to adapt to the stress of cycling.  

The progressive program consists of workouts which supports the skill development through the 12-weeks. The program can be tailored to each ride, while challenging themselves to a relative degree. Our aim, to motivate all cyclists by providing the basic physical, technical, tactical, and mental training performance resources needed in completing a 122k ride, injury-free, 

 Participants will meet once per week to follow a nice, progressive, change-of-pace schedule that is appropriate for both recreational and performance cyclists. The training plan contains 3 (three) purposeful and effortful riding sessions per week with the option to add additional fourth ride that will serve as an active recovery. Overall, SportMedBC encourage you to spend time on your bike to feel as prepare as you possibly can be. 

CycleFondo InTraining program operates June – September 


SportMedBC will assign a Ride Mentor to each clinic location to ensure program delivery, quality, and consistency. Each Ride Mentor is knowledgeable in the areas of health, fitness, organization, and leadership, and is trained by SportMedBC to help clinic participants achieve their fitness goals. 

In addition, a team of trained, enthusiastic Volunteer Sweep Leaders will be available each week to assist the Ride Mentor and motivate the participants. The Ride Mentor and Volunteer Sweeps have completed SportMedBC training and are experienced cyclist – many of them have started out as participants, just like you! 


CycleFondo offers a selection of four (4) different groups for all comfort: Beginner, Women’s, Intermediate, and Advanced (ride distances will gradually increase over the program) and receive weekly support including coaching tips, explainers and more. See below for details of each CycleFondo Level: 


  • Start riding safely and comfortably with the ultimate goal being fit to ride a GranFondo distance. 
  • When events return, you’ll be ready to go! 
  • Suitable for beginners. All levels of fitness welcome 
  • Be able to signal with right/left hand while maintaining control of your bike. 
  • Ride in a straight line and not deviate while shoulder checking right or left. 
  • Have done very minimal cycling in the past 3 months (riding over an hour 20kmph twice per week) 
  • Comfortable with a 20-25km pace. 


  • Beginner Clinic graduate?  Already conquered a Fondo? 
  • Improve your riding prowess and challenge your personal best. 
  • Suitable for intermediate riders. Average fitness levels and up recommended / you can ride a bike for over 60km already. 
  • Consistently cycling (90min. 2-3 times per week) in the past 3 months. 
  • Completed the Beginner ability level or comfortable riding a >60km distance. 


  • Have skills and fitness beyond intermediate – looking for that epic strava ride to impress your buddies? 
  • Suitable for confident cyclists who have done structured training in the past. Above average fitness recommended / have ridden 100km. 
  • Completed the Intermediate training group and/or GranFondo Whistler Event 
  • Been consistently cycling (min. 2-3 times per week) in the past 3 months. 
  • Comfortable with a 30–40 km pace -Fitness level ability required to ride 100km distance. 

*Still not sure what level is right for you? Take our interactive online quiz and we’ll match you to your perfect clinic. 


  • Digital Copy of SportMedBC detailed training sessions and practice exercises. 
  • 12 weekly – 90min guided training sessions (In-Person Clinic) 
  • Obtain weekly training webinars, coaching advice, nutrition tips, and additional training resources by sport medicine professionals. 
  • Receive promotional and discount code & product from SportMedBC’s Sponsors, Partners, and Events. 
  • Exclusive perks from RBC GranFondo Whistler Sponsors. 


For a full list of clinic locations or to register please visit the RBC GranFondo Whistler registration page. 

  • Program Begins: Week of Saturday, July 17th, 2023. 
  • Program Ends: Week of Friday, Sept 2nd, 2023. 
  • Clinic Duration: 120min/2hr

RBC GranFondo Whistler Race Day: Sunday, September 10th, 2023 

Clinic Age Restrictions: participants must be 19 +.  



  • Mandatory to wear a CSA approved cycling helmet. Chin straps must be always buckled when riding. The Rider must ensure all participants wear CSA approved cycling helmets. 
  • Obey all traffic laws: Riders are personally responsible for obeying all traffic laws; this includes traffic lights and stop signs. Violators may be ticketed. The Organizer will not reimburse any tickets or fines. The Rider is responsible for their own safety. 
  • NO E-BIKES & TRI-BIKES ALLOWED for In-Person Clinic – Road bikes are the dominate choice of training equipment to be used during the term of the program. 
  • Bikes need to be in excellent mechanical conditions – ready to go with breaks and gear tuned.
  • Water bottle holder/cage 
  • Clip pedals will give an edge but are not mandatory. 
  • All clinics are to meet outdoors, and there will be limited access to lockers or changing rooms. Participants are asked to arrive in their training attire and to leave personal belongings in their vehicles or at home. 
  • Not sure what to wear when training? No problem…we recommend heading to your nearest local bike shop to ask for their advice for shorts, shoes, jackets etc. 
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