10KtoHalf Marathon Program

SportMedBC’s 10K to Half Marathon Program will help InTraining graduates to safely complete the 21K distance. Created by Lynn Kanuka, SportMedBC’s RunWalk Coach and resident Olympian, and with the support of our experienced team of run leaders, SportMedBC is providing a gradual training program that starts right after the Sun Run. This 9-week training program will allow for a seamless transition to run/walk the 21.1km distance.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced half marathoner, the The10ktoHalf-Marathon clinic this the program for you! Not only will you learn the skills & techniques to run injury-free, but you will be training with a group of remarkable people who will help you reach your fitness & health goals in a safe and supportive environment – while having fun!

The 9-week program will gradually develop your strength and stamina for a 21km distance. Participants should ONLY consider these clinics if they have been running safely and comfortably, with no injuries, for 3 months prior to the start date. You will meet once per week with your group and receive a weekly training plan, coaching advice, access to webinars, nutrition tips, and additional training resources. 

The length of time it takes to train and prepare for a half marathon depends on your current running abilities and what your goals might be. Typical half marathon training plans usually average between 2 to 4 months, assuming you have running background. In our case, runners signed up for this program would have recently finished a 10K distance and are looking to keep going. This program is not for beginners.

You might be wondering, “Which Level of the program is best for me?” Our clinic offers two (2) intensity levels, both made to help you complete the Vancouver Half-Marathon within the time limit.

*Please note NOT all running levels will be offered at each clinic location. Be sure that the level you want to join is offered at your preferred host location prior to registering – this will be listed on our clinic registration page.

  1. RunEasy

Completed SportMedBC’s Run10K training and/or are comfortable with a 40mins run/walk with “10 and 1s” intervals (10mins running alternated with 1min walking) three times per week, and ideally have completed at least one 10K event.

  1. RunStronger

Completed SportMedBC’s Run10KStronger program, or are comfortably running 40mins three times per week, and ideally have completed at least one 10K event.


  • OPERATON DATE: April 22nd – June 23rd (9-weeks)
  • PRICE: $99
  • AGE RESTRICTION: participants must be 18 +

Group session are not conducive to brining your dog or your child. Baby joggers and animals are not permitted during scheduled clinic sessions, except for BC-certified guide or service dogs.


  • Weekly guided training sessions with SportMedBC trained Instructors & Volunteers.
  • A copy of SportMedBC 10ktoHalf-Marathon InTraining programs.
  • Weekly supported training advice from SportMedBC professionals (nutrition tips, and additional training resources).
  • Virtual check in and training webinars hosted by Sport Medicine professionals.
  • Receive exclusive promotional discount codes from SportMedBC affiliated Sponsors & Partners.


    Refund Policy 

    • Participants are eligible for full refunds until the start of the first session. 
    • Participants are eligible for partial refunds ($80) after the start of the first session, up until the start of the second week of the program. 
    • No Refund will be issued after the second week until the end of the third week of the program except for medical reasons (doctor’s note required). 
    • Refunds will be issued through the credit card used for registration payment.  
    • SportMedBC does not offer refunds by cheque. 

For any inquiries or concerns please contact either the InTraining Coordinator at 604.294.3050 ext 105 or the Online Communications Manager at ex 103. More information regarding our Refund Policy Please forward all Refund requests to Communications@sportmedbc.com

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