Profile on BC’s Misty Thomas as she gets ready to play for Canada’s Wheelchair Basketball Team in Beijing


The Province’s Kent Gilchrist took a look at Misty Thomas in today’s paper:

Misty Thomas expects the Beijing Paralympics basketball tournament to be the biggest, best and most hard-fought event in which she will have ever participated. This from a participant — indeed fourth-place finisher — in the 1984 Olympic Games’ stand-up tournament.

She was in her early 20s then and is now past her 40th birthday. Perhaps her memory is getting a bit fuzzy. The Los Angeles Games, after all, were 24 years ago.

It really doesn’t matter, however, because the wheelchair version of the game has given her so much for which to be thankful. But best of all, it fulfills the competitive desire that burns so strongly within her.

Read the full article on Misty here.

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