2020 LearnToRun10K Fall Program - Langley Events Centre


Langley Events Centre
7888 200 St, Langley City, BC V2Y 3J4
49° 8' 45.0744" N, 122° 40' 4.0332" W
Whether you are new to running or looking for a fun way to stay active, SportMedBC's LearnToRun10K is a progressive training program that utilizes a combination of running & walking to help gradually increase your strength and stamina. Guided by a team of trained leaders, you will build the endurance and confidence to prepare you to complete a 10K distance injury-free by the end of 13 weeks. 
Participants will meet with their leaders once per week, plus receive a comprehensive 13-week LearnToRun10K program, weekly coaching advice, nutrition tips, and access to other training resources.
Program Details
Location: Langley Events Centre (Langley)
Dates:  Every Sunday morning at 9:00am from September 13th - December 5th, 2020
Programs Offered: TBD
Cost: Registration Fee: $79 (+GST)